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….." Shiki gave no response towards Neku’s initial remark, given that she still felt on edge about the whole noiseless street. However, his subsequent response did finally reach that redhead of hers. “You would usually hang around this place?" Shiki repeated his words, but in a softer tone, before fixing her eyes on the wall Neku pointed out.


Oh wow, that’s too cute!" she gasped, widely smiling and looking straight at the large cat plastered on the mural. "CAT really is creative, isn’t he?" For all Shiki knew, this was just one of CAT’s creative works that was hidden in the Udagawa back streets. She didn’t know the other meanings behind the mural and— given that she was a cat lover— her attention was immediately grabbed by the black cat which almost looked like Mr.Mew. Except for the obvious few features like eyebrows, bat wings, star eyes, and…..whiskers

Yeah, that’s what I just—" Though before Neku could finish his phrase, Shiki had interrupted again, fascination with the mural obviously more important than what he had to say. '…Ugh'


Of course he is. You know any other artists that are all over Shibuya? Plus, this is one of his best pieces, too." Maybe Neku was being biased, but most of CAT’s other works weren’t quite like this, even though the quality never seemed to falter between pieces.

He probably shouldn’t have been surprised by Shiki’s initial reaction, either. Udagawa wasn’t exactly home to heavy foot traffic and the billboard ads common around the city didn’t really give CAT the justice he deserved like seeing one of his murals up close did, in Neku’s opinion.

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"I'll only be a minute," the brunette woman mumbled, shuffling along through the crowds of Shibuya, holding hands with a younger silver haired boy. "Two minutes tops. I need this shop over here. That was an hour ago." Pausing to adjust the sleepy child against her hip, she caught a glimpse of a thinned out crowd and shuffled her way towards Udagawa.With two kid and being helplessly lost, big crowds weren't a good thing...Untill she bumped into a boy and stumbled a little. "O-Oh, I'm sorry!"



Neku found himself wandering along through the crowd, following the same path he always seemed to take on his way to visit the mural tucked away in Udagawa. He’d been spending a lot of his time there—a lot more than usual, that much was for sure. But the secluded backstreet was really the only place he felt comfortable being when he had a lot on his mind.

Of course, not everyone else saw it that way. Rounding the corner to make his way up the first flight of stairs, Neku suddenly felt sometime ram his side and glance over his shoulder revealed some lady with her kids. An irritated sigh followed. Couldn’t she watch where she was going any better than that?


—Whatever. Just, watch where you’re going next time, all right?

Shibu-Q Heads? Shibuya had some the weirdest store names… But then again, coming from places called Twilight Town and Radiant Garden herself, she couldn’t comment. Instead, she let herself look hopeful that he might agree to her next question.

"Shibu-Q, got it. Neku, would you like to come with us? I can pick you up something too - a thank you for your help." Normally, she would comment that it was because she needed help navigating the city - which was true - or keeping track of her kids, but in this case she really did want to treat her newfound friend. And who better to help her pick out the best stuff than one Neku Sakuraba?

..Funny, hadn’t she been looking for her husband not that long ago? …Ah well.  Ryu could find them easily.

There was a pause as Neku considered the others’ offer for a moment. Sure, he was glad she was actually interested in CAT, but that didn’t mean he was ready to agree on a full out shopping trip with some lady and her kids who he’d only really met an hour ago. Even if it were shopping for his favorite designer.


Thanks, but…I really didn’t do anything. Not enough for you to owe me, at least. Besides, Shibu-Q really isn’t that hard to find. I can just show you from here." Not to mention Neku had actually been looking forward to spending a day to himself in Udagawa. He’d obviously managed to hide the fact from Seun, but he actually had a lot on his mind.

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Neku had no idea how much Aya actually hated shopping. Usually. When it was a social activity, it could be fun, but generally she couldn’t stand it. Clothes shopping for herself for Tigre Puns could occasionally be entertaining if only because she got some cool new threads to wear, but dealing with crowds even remotely like those at the 104? No thanks. The Shinjuku shopping crowds weren’t quiet as bad as those in Shibuya in her experience, but then again she tried to avoid the department stores. They charged too much anyway, and as great as the stuff at Studio Omega could be, the crowds were terrible.

Pfft. Yeah, no joke. Spray paint’s not cheap. Especially when you actually need more than one can to finish up a project, too. Guess that explains why most of my allowance is spent on the stuff." Not that spray paint was outrageous. Neku could actually get by with buying the cheaper brands for most of his projects and still keep the quality up to his standards. His tags and experiments definitely weren’t anything CAT quality, that much was for sure—he still had a long way to go before he’d be anywhere close to that, even with the best brand of spray paint a shop could offer. But with the amount of yen Neku was given and the amount he knew he could spend at any one store, he’d just have to settle for buying what he could afford for now.


—But I guess I can see where they’re coming from, too. I mean, it’s not like they can just give the stuff away. And us complaining about it isn’t gonna help, either. We’re just gonna have to deal." Sure, maybe the could complain. But what good would that do? The shops were just going to charge what they wanted to. "Besides, you’re lucky. Pretty sure pencils outlast spray paint, anyway.

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I am very aware that you are no longer as closed minded as you once were. After all, you would not be standing before me if you had not changed, now would you?


I am not a very predictable person, Sakuraba-san. Expecting me to behave in a familiar or habitual manner is probably the last thing you should do. Now, it isn’t as if I lack feeling. I am indeed capable of feeling basic human emotions such as joy, sorrow, anger, shock, concern, compassion and love. Just because I do not experience them in a habitual manner does not mean I fail to experience them altogether.

Whatever. But I wouldn’t have been standing here if I’d decided to stay at home like I probably should’ve, either.

…You definitely could’ve fooled me. And it wasn’t like I was expecting you to do anything. But, showing up in the middle of the night like some stalker when the streets are practically deserted for once, then actually acting concerned ‘cause I’m not in bed? ‘Scuse me for not thinking that’s normal.

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-leaves pancakes in your ask because he can-



"…Har har."


Neku immediately takes the pancakes and throws them in with the rest. Vanitas was just doing this on purpose.

—— When the attack hit his Void Gear, he had to hold onto the weapon with both hands, vaguely letting a spark of the pain show from his actions. While the keyblade protected him, it also connected itself to his ‘fractured’ heart, thus harming despite his block of the full-on attack. 

When Neku jumped back he let out a gasp as the attack finally ended, dissipating in thin air. He watched the other grip the Lightning Rook to block any of his offensive attacks.

For now, he knew he’d have to go on the offense, knowing that the other had to retreat in order for his pins to recharge.

A grimace crossed the teen’s lips as he thought quickly of what he should do next, knowing he had the headphones on the line and also Joshua’s promise on the line.

He grunted, pulling his keyblade up and in front of him, a smirk taking the grimace’s place instantly. 

"You’re not going to take me down that easily, Neku. I’m about to show you what else I can do to you. Get ready for a round of darkness. This battle is about to get interesting." 

A sinister laugh echoed through the area as Vanitas made their battle area even darker, shadows forming all over. While he could handle the unversed, this time, he was calling out the heartless, the ones that his ‘former’ master controlled. 

The heartless were coming. 

No one knew he could do this. Not even Ventus. 

Are you kidding me!? What the hell were the last two ‘rounds’ for, then!" Neku snapped back, his grip on his Lightning Rook pin tightening as he prepared for the counter attack. There’s no way Vanitas could’ve been serious with that threat, though. He’d already launched two waves of Unversed at the teen before—and Neku proved he could take care of those with ease using his psychs. What was the point of sending out more? Some kind of desperate attempt to force a forfeit?

Well, Neku wasn’t about to give in at that, either. He’d handled the last two waves, no problem. He could fight off a few more! Well, had the battlefield conditional stayed constant.


Hey!" The surge of darkness had taken Neku by surprise, wary glances shifted ahead as he tried to gain his bearing again against the sudden pitch black. Rrgh, talk about a cheap shot! Why couldn’t Vanitas just fight fair?

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Anywhere in the RG, huh? Well, that made things awfully easier. Considering what surrounded the building, there were plenty of good spots to randomly teleport to and not be seen - assuming that the nearby areas were still relatively close to the layout of her own city, but she’d bet her chances on it regardless.


"Um… ‘near death’…?" Shiki had absolutely no idea what Neku was talking about for a moment, only catching on when she noticed his hand rising to his temples, rubbing them like a new, weak headache had appeared. She knew that flipping frequencies made for a pretty trippy trip the first couple of times, but had it really been that bad?

Well, more or less, she had forced herself to forget what it really felt like, so it probably was. Feeling guilty again could come later, though.

"There isn’t really a way to do that…" she began a bit apologetically. The pain would disappear with some practice, but that really just meant getting used to it in the end. Either way, Neku was never going to need to move between the two planes after this, death or not. "But it should hurt less if we head to some place nearby - the closer, the better. Is A-East alright?"

They could go a bit further really, perhaps to the station, but that meant heading just a little too close to the River. She was lucky enough that the Composer here hadn’t come and met her, especially after she dragged a relatively unrelated person into her silly business.

Best to fix that one issue before the devil actually came.

Great…" Neku could hold back a defeated sigh, dropping his head so his hair fell over his face slightly. He should’ve figured as much, but still—returning to the Realground meant flipping frequencies…and with that came the return of that pounding headache. The teen knew he’d get over it and that it definitely wouldn’t kill him, despite his description of it, but that still didn’t make the pain any more enjoyable to endure. He wasn’t sure if actually knowing what to expect this time would help or not, either.

…But if that was the only thing he had to deal with in order to get back home, besides depending on Shiki for once to actually help him make the transition from UG to RG, he’d go through with it. Besides, maybe the Composer knew what she was talking about. Their teleportation last trip had been from Udagawa all the way to Pork City—in short, across the entire damn city. Closer had to be better, right?


Yeah, I guess. Whatever you think works. Because it’s not like I’ve much of a choice, anyway." Neku let a hand lift to one side of his headphones at thought, returning his focus to Shiki before a wary glance was sent to one of the nearby Noise sigils still floating lazily in place. "—I just wanna get back to the RG in one piece.

Their pact prevented Noise attacks, he knew that, but it was probably a miracle they hadn’t run into anything else that threatened their existence here. Or, well—his existence, at least. He couldn’t speak for Shiki. There was Joshua, too. Neku thought the Composer of this Shibuya would’ve at least noticed something by now.

But either way, one thing was still for certain: the less time they spent here, the better. Staying would only bring more trouble they didn’t need.