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"You’re in Texas,to be exact.

Of course,you don’t seem as if you’re from around here unless you’re one of those ‘cosplayers’…”

His hair…

It couldn’t be natural,could it? The lass resisted the urge to inquire,though.

It was best to help this lad along his way before doing such….

Or maybe she could ask.Either way,she hoped that what was noted could at least assist him a tad…

—Texas?" Neku repeated the name, a look of concern spreading across the teen’s face as he tried to pin point exactly where he was again. Great, just where had Joshua landed him this time? Whatever kind of sick joke the Composer thought he was playing, Neku definitely wasn’t laughing.


Er…no. I’m not a cosplayer. I don’t even know how I ended up here." Another pause as Neku scanned the area. "…Look, have you ever heard of a place called Shibuya? Or Tokyo? It’s where I’m from and I’m just trying to get back there.

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Errr what was the logo again? It was purple and orange…now that she thought about it, the color scheme reminded her of Neku’s. To her the wording was a bit simple to remember.

    ❝Errrr…it had the same colors of you!
      And uh…had the words Jupiter and monkey?❞

Same colors as him? That was…definitely a unique way to describe the logo, though that still didn’t really give him a lot to go on. At the mention of the words, however, Neku instantly knew what Penny was talking about.


—Jupiter of the Monkey? Yeah, it’s a clothing shop on Cat Street. But…what you saw was probably just a bunch of advertisements. Not graffiti.

Neku let his shoulders drop slightly, a hint of disappoint hidden among his features as he glanced back to the tags on the wall. Well, so much for Penny actually spotting something new. He should’ve know better than to expect that, though.

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[ Elphaba ]

Elphaba stared blankly for a few moments. Mr. Hanekoma? Her gaze drifted around as she tried to remember the best way to get to his cafe. “I’ve met him. I just found you first.” Not that she had been looking. She hadn’t even thought of finding anyone. She just needed to wander the city.

—You’ve actually met Mr. Hanekoma?" Neku questioned, arms folding as he crossed them over his chest. That had definitely been news to him because Mr. H wasn’t exactly the easiest person in Shibuya to find around. Even just finding his cafe open was a tough enough task for Neku.

But for Elphaba to actually know him? She must’ve got lucky.

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[ Sora ]

Neku had done a good job reminding him, at least. He probably would’ve forgot that little fact, in actuality. Sora was being pretty sincere though, he did owe Neku back for that one. Maybe he would’ve figured it out eventually, but either way, Neku had been in Traverse Town before Sora arrived in the Sleeping Worlds anyway.

"Different?" Sora crossed his arms with a curious look. So in Shibuya, different was good? Hey, he had no qualms with that fact. Just seemed a little weird to get worked up over. He blinked back. What he liked? Well, er, he really had been given these clothes.


"I guess you could say that. They’re pretty cool, bein’ enchanted ‘n stuff helps." He gently tugged at his jacket, "You’re right though. I guess I just thought it was weird people kept callin’ ‘em ‘threads’. What’s a thread even?" Slang here was lost upon Sora, that was evidence enough.

"UG?" He echoed, that was a new term, "Er— Either way, I guess that’s a good thing. I’d rather not hafta fight any Organization goons in a place like this. I don’t think I’d end up wherever the UG is… or Noise?" Too many people could get hurt, considering how crowded it was. He gently tapped his foot against the pavement in thought, though he simply laughed at Neku’s own comment.

"Yeah, but  you haven’t walked away yet, so I’d say I’m doing pretty good." He teased back with a smile. 

Yeah, that’s kinda what I just said." Sure, Shibuya was practically the fashion center of Tokyo and outfits of all sorts were definitely not uncommon here. But it didn’t take a expert on clothes to know that Sora still stuck out. Even Neku could figure that much.


But c’mon, Sora. Keep up. Threads are just another term for clothes. It really isn’t that hard to figure out." For the way Sora had mentioned, all the looks and gestures towards his outfit would’ve been enough to give that away. "Though—wait. What do you mean by ‘enchanted’? Your clothes are cool, I guess, but…I don’t think they’re anything like that.

Underground. It’s where the Game takes place. And Noise are…kinda like the Dream Eaters of the UG." That was the easiest comparison to mention so Sora would understand in his opinion.

—But don’t worry. If you had fight off any of those guys, I don’t think you’d have to worry about doing it there. Or deal with the Noise, either. The UG exists on a different plane than where we are now. The only way to get there is to actually die." Which…unless they weren’t being careful or Joshua decided to go trigger happy again, they shouldn’t have to worry about ending up there again.

Don’t tempt me, though." Neku couldn’t help from adding to Sora’s last comment, a hint of smile spreading across his face at mention.

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"I'll only be a minute," the brunette woman mumbled, shuffling along through the crowds of Shibuya, holding hands with a younger silver haired boy. "Two minutes tops. I need this shop over here. That was an hour ago." Pausing to adjust the sleepy child against her hip, she caught a glimpse of a thinned out crowd and shuffled her way towards Udagawa.With two kid and being helplessly lost, big crowds weren't a good thing...Untill she bumped into a boy and stumbled a little. "O-Oh, I'm sorry!"



Neku found himself wandering along through the crowd, following the same path he always seemed to take on his way to visit the mural tucked away in Udagawa. He’d been spending a lot of his time there—a lot more than usual, that much was for sure. But the secluded backstreet was really the only place he felt comfortable being when he had a lot on his mind.

Of course, not everyone else saw it that way. Rounding the corner to make his way up the first flight of stairs, Neku suddenly felt sometime ram his side and glance over his shoulder revealed some lady with her kids. An irritated sigh followed. Couldn’t she watch where she was going any better than that?


—Whatever. Just, watch where you’re going next time, all right?

"Purple butt! Like a rainbow!"

By the time Rin had finished pointing out that purple was, indeed, a color of the rainbow, Seun’s face had become one with a tomato. Why couldn’t she have left him with his father? Right.. Because Ryu had vanished into a crowd in search of ‘something’. Whatever that something was, she was gonna beat him with it when they reunited later on.

For now, she set her daughter down, placing the kid’s hands together to hold, and stuffed a lollipop into their mouths. First rule when traveling with kids: Always keep a pocket full of lollipops. “I’m terribly sorry… I know I’m doing a lot of apologizing, but in this case.. It seems warranted.” Offering him one of the candies on a stick, she smiled sheepishly, free hand scratching at the scar on her cheek.. “He only misbehaves when his father is away, and we can’t find him anywhere. If you’re not busy, might I borrow you for a moment? I’d like to know what I can about the area before we go looking again.”

Neku held his glare on the kid for another moment before releasing a sigh and glancing off. Why he’d not walked off by now and left the lady to deal with the crowd was beyond him. Whatever she needed wasn’t really any of his business to begin with and was only delaying his arrival to his favorite spot where he had plans to spend the rest of the afternoon.

Though, before Neku could actually act on his thoughts, the sudden offering that was extended from the other snapped his focus back. He blinked at the lollipop before reaching up to take the stick. Ugh, more apologies? And now she was trying to make it up to him using candy. “…It really wasn’t, but…thanks, I guess.


Neku paused at her next question, shooting a quick glance over his shoulder toward the mural beyond the stiars behind him before turning back. “—I was kinda on my way somewhere. But…whatever. If you can make it quick.

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'You don't have to have the same skill level as someone. Art is a wonderful and inspirational thing. You let your soul and heart do the work and the satisfaction of others looking at the work you've done” she said.

Yeah. Art’s always had a way to speak to people. That’s probably why CAT’s works are so popular, too—his graffiti seems to speak for itself." Which was something Neku found he could respect with any work of street art. Relaying a message through paint alone was harder than it sounds.


—But I never said I wanted to be just like CAT. Just, that I definitely still have a lot learn.

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